• Energy Procurement / Contract Negotiation

    Discover the right energy plan for your business

  • Energy / Commodity Market Analysis

    Monitoring the market to benefit your bottom line

  • Budgeting in a deregulated market

    Cost control, efficiency, savings and more


When businesses need assistance in searching for the right energy supplier, PES Brokers stands ready to serve.

Energy procurement and management is no longer a simple matter of choosing the lowest-cost supplier on any given day. In today’s markets, cost is complicated by credit issues, contract clauses that put you at risk, an ever-changing energy market, and a confusing array of options that may or may not be a fit for your business. Today’s best deal may be tomorrow’s worst mistake. We can help you avoid costly missteps and maximize your profit margin.

PES Brokers — Your Energy Partner

PES Brokers helps you understand the reputation, reliability, pricing structures, and pros and cons of competing energy suppliers. We help you navigate contract provisions, billing options and renewable energy choices. We can assist with energy management services that result in lower electricity and natural gas costs for our clients.

A Smarter Way to Consume Natural Gas and Electricity

PES Brokers provides energy consulting that results in savings in a deregulated market. We leverage our nationwide network of suppliers to benefit our clients and allow them to better control their energy costs. As energy brokers we analyze electricity and natural gas markets to attain cost savings over extended periods of demand. These prime energy services enable end users to shop for a competitive supplier while evaluating all the nuances of energy supply and demand.