About Us

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Navigating a Complicated Energy Market

PES Brokers, Inc. has been an integral part of deregulated markets operating as Prime Energy Services. We understand the complications energy deregulation and appreciate the opportunity to work with your company. Our mission is to find the best available service for your specific energy requirements. As an energy brokerage firm we specialize in electricity, natural gas, emission credits, emission allowances, renewable energy credits, retail energy procurement, energy consulting and energy data services.

PES Brokers provides our clients with important benefits:

  • Energy cost savings
  • Contract negotiation
  • Budgeting
  • Detailed market analysis
  • Superior customer service

How Deregulation Affects Your Business

Natural gas deregulation began in the 1980s, followed by natural gas electricity deregulation in the 1990s. It “unbundles” the stranglehold that monopolies once had on energy generation, distribution, and retail. Now end users can chose “who” and “how” their energy is purchased, although their energy delivery will still be handled by traditional local utilities. This has opened the market to competition and ushered in flexible options that can lower costs for your business.

Today there is an abundance of competing suppliers. The problems is, not all energy suppliers offer solutions that fit your precise needs. Cost, quality, quantity, availability and consistency are major factors that must be considered before a contract is signed. This begs the question, “How can I navigate such a confusing mix of energy providers and find a plan that is right for my business?”

We are here to help. Through a variety of programs we assist in evaluating your current contract status and provide insights into wholesale market conditions. We help you negotiate new extended terms when energy costs decrease during the duration of the existing contract.

Key Energy Suppliers Across the Nation

Our company has negotiated agreements with many of the key electricity and natural gas suppliers throughout the country. We have negotiated more than $500 million in energy contracts for a variety of industrial businesses and large commercial property owners. Our staff of professional consultants assist all types of businesses in understanding deregulated energy markets and realizing significant cost savings on their electricity and natural gas bills.

We are positioned to offer our clients a non-biased approach in selecting from a variety of suppliers. Having multiple sources of available energy providers enables us to obtain accurate market information, fast quotes, and competitive pricing.